School Management System

What is a School Management Software/School ERP ? why it is required?

School management software system or also known as School Management ERP is an interface through that school faculty will manage their specific tasks that revolve around a student’s life-cycle. Be it an educational or a non-academic activity, a perfect school management software system is capable of automating the full process life-cycle of that task/activity. Automation of any process consists of 4 essential components. Any software package, if structured in such a way to fulfill the subsequent criteria would sustain any kind of automation requirement of any industry.

Diverse Features

Essential components of school management software

  • It ought to have a strong and comprehensive student and employees database management system,
  • It ought to have the dynamicity to add and delete roles and dynamic access rights to all different roles
  • Whether it is an offline school management software or an online solution,
  • It should have a proper backup policy It should be highly secured and tamper-proof
  • Having a Mobile App can be an added advantage for a school management software
  • It ought to have all basic modules/features:
  • Attendance
  • Student reports
  • Employee Reports
  • Fee receipts
  • Bus stop
  • Daily scroll
  • Fee Remainder
  • Receptions
  • Add Reception
  • Registration
  • Admission
  • Change Password
  • Change Password
  • User Permission
  • Principal talk
  • User Leaves
  • Department
  • Occupation
  • Document
  • Change password

Last but not least is the support system. No software package will sustain without a strong and prompt support system at on their back end. Hence it's wise to look thoroughly, what support model one provides and the way the routine operational and technical problems are addressed. Having a timely and friendly support system doubles the worth of any school management software package

The modules are usually chosen as per the school size and their requirements, however every module not only helps in streamlining their routine operations (academic or non-academic) however it helps too, to maintain a simple connect with its stakeholders like teachers, Admin, and parents leveraging the technology. Having an increasing penetration of smart phones these days. A Mobile App based ERP are often considerably more useful for its end users