College Management System

The College Management System is a business Optimization of College or Educational Institute and its Processes. The project will cover usually all areas that are dear to the running of an Educational institution, especially College. It allows us to store, modify and retrieve data using the specially designed modules… It can manage the details not only of students, Departments, and Staff but also other details like Exam, Events, front office day to day activities, Fund flow, Notifications, etc. The package is fully customizable according to the users’ requirements.

Diverse Features

Benefits of a College Management System

  • Enrollment: Enrollment and admission processes are made easy. Documents and online submission form gives an advantage for your institution over others.
  • Course Finder: Students and parents can search the course they are looking for with all the information on course curriculum.
  • Lab Manager: It serves as a hub for all lab equipment. Lab timings, list of equipments, and lab manuals make it a one stop information on lab.
  • Communication: CMS platform can be used by educational institutions for useful interactions between your teachers, students and parents via email, blogs, forums and more. College news and events can be updated easily.
  • e-Learning: Education in the new age has transformed conventional learning systems. With digital learning catching it's pace, students can make use of site as a hub for information with various e-journals and study materials available online.
  • Promotion Tool: Powerful website for colleges and universities help you to increase enrollment and gain a competitive edge. User-friendly website will be an USP for your institution.
  • Career Finder: Allows student to look for jobs and placements and keep track on the changing trend in the job market.
  • Cloud-enabled: The college management system allows you to store as much content as you want. With the cloud-based solution, storing videos, stories, blogs, pictures and other information has revolutionized data storage.